This classification is designed to accommodate planned residential developments for which a special use permit has been issued in accordance with § 152.053 herein.  Such special use permit is required as a prerequisite to any use or development in the PRD Classification, and no use shall be permitted except pursuant to such permit.  Such permit shall insure that the proposed use or development is consistent with the requirements of this section and may further specify the timing of development, the location and extent of rights-of-way and other areas to be dedicated for public use, and other such matters as the applicant may propose as conditions upon the request.  In granting the special use permit for a planned residential district, the Town Council may impose such additional reasonable and appropriate safeguards upon such permit as it may deem necessary in order that the purpose and intent of this chapter are served, public welfare secured and substantial justice done.
   (A)   Application. The reclassification of property to PRD Planned Residential Development District, or to the C2 Secondary Commercial Zoning District or C3 Highway Commercial Zoning District for purposes of developing a major planned residential development shall be initiated only by the owner(s) of a legal interest in the affected property, any person(s) having an interest in the property by reason of a written contract with the owner(s), or an agent authorized in writing to act on behalf of the owner(s).
   (B)   Permissible uses, subject to issuance of a special use permit. Uses notated with an “*” are minor.
      (1)   Accessory uses and/or structures.*
      (2)   Accessory dwelling units (SR).*
      (3)   Adult day care centers registered with the NC Department of Health and Human Services Adult day care homes.
      (4)   Agriculture.*
      (5)   Cemeteries.*
      (6)   Child care homes.
      (7)   Child day care centers (SR).
      (8)   Golf courses.
      (9)   Golf driving ranges.
      (10)   Home occupations (SR).*
      (11)   Manufactured homes.
      (12)   Parks.*
      (13)   Places of worship.*
      (14)   Planned residential developments (major).
      (15)   Public utility facilities (SR).
      (16)   Residential dwellings, multi-family.*
      (17)   Residential dwellings, single-family.*
      (18)   Residential dwellings, two-family.*
      (19)   Schools, elementary and secondary.
   (C)   Site requirements. Planned residential development shall have the following site requirements: (1) the total land area of the district shall be at least three acres; and (2) access to the planned residential development shall be by means of a thoroughfare (major or minor) designated as such on the current Franklin Thoroughfare Plan. Alternatively, access may be provided by means of streets other than major or minor thoroughfares when it is clearly demonstrated that the planned residential development will not result in a significant increase in traffic on any such street.
   (D)   Density.  The density for a planned residential development shall be established by the Town Council in consideration of surrounding land uses and the existence of adequate private and public facilities, including without limitation, water, wastewater, solid waste, stormwater, roads and parks, to serve the development. Unless a planned residential development qualifies for a density bonus as provided in division (E) below, the density authorized for the district shall not exceed ten units per acre.
   (E)   Density bonus. One or more density bonuses, over and above the maximum density specified in division (D) above, may be approved by the Town Council only upon determining that the proposed planned residential development complies with the general considerations listed therein, as well as the following additional considerations:
      (1)   Affordable housing bonus. A density bonus of four dwelling units per acre may be awarded provided that such additional dwelling units shall be affordable housing as defined by the North Carolina Housing Authority.
      (2)   Walkability bonus.  A density bonus of four dwelling units per acre may be awarded for developments which are situated within reasonable walking distance of places of employment and/or shopping facilities and which provide pedestrian amenities in order to foster pedestrian access to such facilities.
   (F)   Development standards. Except as modified herein, all uses and structures in the PRD Zoning District Classification shall meet the development standards for planned residential developments contained in § 152.057, below.
(Ord. passed 10-1-07; Am. Ord. passed 10-20-08; Am. Ord. passed 3-3-14; Am. Ord. passed - - )