§ 152.025  I-1 INDUSTRIAL.
   The I-1 Industrial District is established to provide for areas that recognize both existing and future manufacturing operations.  This classification allows all uses as described above for C-3 Highway Commercial, plus medium to heavy manufacturing operations.  These districts and uses must be located so as to have direct access to or within close proximity to a thoroughfare.
   (A)   Dimensional requirements.
      Minimum lot/parcel size:  one acre
      Minimum setbacks (feet):   front:    30
                  side:   20
                  rear:   20
      Maximum building height (feet):     65
      Maximum gross floor area (sq. ft.):  50,000
      50,000 plus structures requires a SUP
      Minimum open space (% of site):     10 (not applicable to single-family and two-family residences.)
   (B)   Permitted uses. The following uses are permitted by right in the I-1 Industrial Zoning District Classification provided they meet all requirements of this section and all other requirements established in this chapter.  A use followed by the notation (SR) is permitted subject to special requirements contained in §§ 152.120 - 152.123, below.
      (1)   All permitted uses listed in the C-3 Highway Commercial Zoning District Classification, subject to special requirements if noted.
      (2)   Adult establishments, subject to requirements contained in Chapter 156, Town Code.
      (3)   Asphalt manufacturing.
      (4)   Concrete manufacturing.
      (5)   Governmental facilities.
      (6)   Landfills.
      (7)   Manufacturing facilities, heavy.
      (8)   Public utility operations.
      (9)   Recycling and garbage disposal centers.
(Ord. passed 10-1-07; Am. Ord. passed 10-20-08; Am. Ord. passed - - )