The C-2 Secondary Commercial Zoning District Classification is established to provide for general commercial activities, for those uses requiring easy vehicular access, circulation and parking, and larger lot areas than found in the C-1 Commercial District described above.  This district promotes a broad range of commercial operations and services necessary for the operation of the town and surrounding areas.  Light manufacturing is allowed, but heavy manufacturing is not.
   (A)   Dimensional requirements.
      Minimum lot/parcel size (sq. ft.):  8,000
      Minimum lot size, two-family (sq. ft.): 12,000
      Minimum setbacks (feet):   front:    10
                  side:   10
                  rear:   10
      Maximum building height (feet):     65
      Maximum gross floor area (sq. ft.):  30,000
      30,000 plus structures requires a SUP
      Minimum open space (% of site):  10 (Not applicable to single-family and two-family residences.)
   (B)   Permitted uses.  The following uses are permitted by right in the C-2 Secondary Commercial Zoning District Classification provided they meet all requirements of this section and all other requirements established in this subchapter.  A use followed by the notation (SR) is permitted subject to special requirements contained in §§ 152.120 - 152.123, below.
      (1)   All permitted uses listed in the C-1 Central Commercial Zoning District Classification, subject to special requirements if noted.
      (2)   Animal boarding facilities (SR).
      (3)   Animal hospitals and clinics.
      (4)   Assisted living facilities(SR).
      (5)   Automobile car washes.
      (6)   Automobile sales and service.
      (7)   Bus stations.
      (8)   Communication services.
      (9)   Construction trade facilities.
      (10)   Farm and construction equipment sales and service.
      (11)   Golf courses.
      (12)   Golf driving ranges (SR).
      (13)   Greenhouse and plant nurseries.
      (14)   Indoor shooting ranges (SUP).
      (15)   Laundries, coin-operated.
      (16)   Lawn and garden centers.
      (17)   Manufacturing facilities, light.
      (18)   Medical clinics less than 10,000 square fee.
      (19)   Microbreweries.
      (20)   Mini-warehouses (SR).
      (21)   Multi-family dwellings and apartments of ten or more units (SUP).
      (22)   PCD Planned Commercial Development (SUP).
      (23)   PRD Planned Residential Development (SUP).
      (24)   Recreational facilities, outdoor.
      (25)   Residences, multi-family dwelling and apartments fewer than ten units.
      (26)   RV Parks.
      (27)   Shelter facilities (SR).
      (28)   Tobacco sales, vape shops.
      (29)   U.S. Post Office and parcel delivery services.
      (30)   Vehicle repair.
      (31)   Wholesale sales, distribution and warehousing.
   (C)   Prohibited uses. No non-residential development or redevelopment exceeding 30,000 square feet in gross floor area shall be permitted in the C-2 Secondary Commercial Zoning District Classification. Unless a special use permit has been approved by the Board of Adjustment.
(Ord. passed 10-1-07; Am. Ord. passed 10-20-08; Am. Ord. passed 3-3-14; Am. Ord. passed 6-2- 14; Am. Ord. passed - - )