§ 152.020  R-1 RESIDENTIAL.
   The R-1 Residential Zoning District Classification is established to provide areas for medium-density, single-family residential uses, where adequate water and sewer facilities are available to serve the development. Low-density single-family residential uses are allowed where water and/or sewer facilities are not available; consequently, the minimum lot sizes shall be increased and the density shall be reduced to accommodate the larger lot sizes that may be required by the Macon County Department of Public Health.
   (A)   Dimensional requirements.
      Minimum lot size, single-family (sq. ft.):   10,000
      Minimum lot size, two-family (sq. ft.):    15,000
      Minimum setbacks (feet):         front:  25
                        side:  10
                        rear:  15
      Maximum building height (feet):         35
      Maximum gross floor area (sq. ft.):    no restrictions
      Minimum open space (% of site):      40 (not applicable to single-family and two-family residences.)
   (B)   Permitted uses. The following uses are permitted by right in the R-1 Residential Zoning District Classification provided they meet all requirements of this section and all other requirements established in this ordinance.  A use followed by the notation (SR) is permitted subject to special requirements contained in §§ 152.120 - 152.123, below.
      (1)   Accessory uses and/or structures
      (2)   Accessory dwelling units (SR)
      (3)   Adult day care homes
      (4)   Agriculture
      (5)   Bed and breakfast facilities (SR)
      (6)   Cemeteries
      (7)   Child care homes
      (8)   Child day care centers (SR)
      (9)   Home occupations (SR)
      (10)   Minor planned residential developments, subject to the requirements of §§ 152.050 - 152.062, herein (SUP).
      (11)   Modular homes
      (12)   Places of worship
      (13)   Public parks, including greenways
      (14)   Public utility facilities (SR)
      (15)   Residences, single-family
      (16)   Residences, two-family
      (17)   Schools, elementary and secondary (SR)
   (C)   Special uses.  The following use shall be permitted in the R-1 Residential District Classification only upon issuance of a special use permit pursuant to §§ 152.050 - 152.062, below.
         Adaptive reuses (SR)
(Ord. passed 10-1-07; Am. Ord. passed  - - )