(A)   Pursuant to G.S. § 66-390, any person wishing to operate a pawnshop, or conduct any pawn or pawn transaction shall first obtain a pawnbrokers license. The said license shall be obtained through the same procedure set out in this chapter, except that in addition to the information required under § 110.04, the petitioner shall submit the following, as required by G.S.§ 66-390:
      (1)   A statement indicating the amount of net assets or capital proposed to be used by the petitioner in operation of the business (which shall be accompanied by an unaudited statement from an accountant or certified public accountant verifying the information contained in the accompanying statement);
      (2)   An affidavit by the petitioner that he or she has not been convicted of a felony; and
      (3)   A certificate from the town's Chief of Police, or the State Bureau of Investigation that the petitioner has not been convicted of a felony.
   (B)   The petitioner under this section may arrange for the SBI to provide the required certificate, which must be sent directly from the SBI by mail addressed to the Town Manager. Otherwise, the Town Manager shall forward applications for pawnbrokers licenses to the Police Department for verification. In order to recoup the cost of the certification required under this section, if performed by the Police Department, the Town Manager may establish a fee in addition to the $10 maximum business license fee authorized by this chapter, not to exceed $75.
(Ord. passed 12-1-14)