(A)   Refuse.  It shall be unlawful for any person, within the area designated as Little Tennessee River Greenway:
      (1)   To deposit in any toilet, toilet vault or plumbing fixture any substance that could damage or interfere with the operation or maintenance of the fixture;
      (2)   To possess or leave refuse, debris or litter in an exposed or unsanitary condition;
      (3)   To place in or near a stream, lake or other waters, any substance which does or may pollute a stream, lake, or other water;
      (4)   To fail to dispose of all garbage, including any paper, can, bottle, sewage, waste water or material, rubbish, either by removal from the site or area, or by depositing it into receptacles or at places provided for such purposes;
      (5)   To dump any refuse, debris, trash or litter brought as such from off the Greenway property.
   (B)   Animals.  It shall be unlawful for any person:
      (1)   To bring onto the Greenway property, or possess an animal on said property, other than a seeing eye dog unless it is crated, caged, or restrained by a leash not longer than six feet;
      (2)   To bring in or possess on Greenway property, a saddle, pack or draft animal.
   (C)   Vandalism.  No person shall willfully:
      (1)   Damage any natural feature or other property of the Greenway;
      (2)   Remove any natural feature of the Greenway;
      (3)   Damage or remove any vegetation from the Greenway;
      (4)   While on the Greenway, use any pesticide except for personal use as an insect repellent or as provided by special use authorization for other minor uses;
      (5)   Dig, excavate, disturb, injure, destroy, or in any way damage any pre-historic, historic, or archaeological resource, structure, site, artifact or other property along the Greenway;
      (6)   Kill, injure, or otherwise disturb any bird, mammal, or reptile on the Greenway;
   (D)   Commercial activity; firearms.  It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation:
      (1)   To sell or offer for sale on Greenway property, any merchandise or perform any kind of work activity or service for hire without a special use authorization;
      (2)   To distribute printed material on Greenway property without special use authorization;
      (3)   To possess a firearm on the Greenway property;
      (4)   To discharge a firearm on or within 150 yards of the Greenway;
      (5)   To place a vehicle or other object on the Greenway in such a manner to create a hazard to the safety of pedestrian or authorized vehicular traffic;
      (6)   To operate or use any device which produces noise, such as a radio, television, musical instrument, motor or engine in such a manner and at such a time so as to unreasonably disturb Greenway traffic;
      (7)   To operate or use a public address system on Greenway property, whether fixed, portable or vehicle mounted without special use authorization;
      (8)   To violate any term or condition of a special use authorization granted by authorized Greenway officials.
   (E)   Vehicles.  It shall be unlawful for any person:
      (1)   To operate a motor vehicle, except for motorized wheel chairs and golf carts, on Greenway property except in parking areas and boat launch areas and unless for maintenance or emergency purposes. Motorized wheel chairs and golf carts, leased on premises shall be permitted for use by the physically handicapped;
      (2)   To jump from any bridge on the Greenway;
      (3)   To use a skateboard on Greenway property in an area that has not been specifically designated and marked as permitting the use of skate boards.
(Ord. passed 8-5-02)