§ 95.62  EXCEPTIONS.
   Sections §§ 95.55 - 95.61 shall not apply to:
   (A)   Funeral processions;
   (B)   Any governmental agency acting within the scope of its functions;
   (C)    Students going to or from school classes or participating in educational or recreational activity where the activity is under the supervision and direction of proper school authorities.
   (D)   Social events/festivals, for which organizers shall refer to the Town Manager for the permission process, up to and including Town Council approval of street and/or sidewalk closures: or
   (E)   Activities permitted by the County of Macon on property owned or controlled by the county within town limits, including but not limited to the area designated by the county as a free speech zone. Organizers of such activities may he required to demonstrate valid permission from the county.
('76 Code, § 6-2028)  (Ord. passed 12-6-76; Am. Ord. passed 1-4-2021)