Upon the occurrence of any of the following conditions, the Land Use Administrator shall cause such condition to be removed or otherwise remedied by having employees of the town go upon such premises and remove or otherwise abate such nuisance under the supervision of an officer or employee designated by the Land Use Administrator:
   (A)   A hearing requested under § 94.04 results in either a final order with modifications or the reinstatement of the initial order as a final order, and such order is not complied with within 15 days from adjournment of the hearing.
   (B)   No hearing is requested or held, and the respondent having been ordered to abate such public nuisance fails, neglects or refuses to abate or remove the condition constituting the nuisance within 15 days of such order.
   (C)   The property owner fails to abate conditions constituting a severe nuisance within ten days of notification of the owner of such conditions.
(Ord. passed 3-4-13)