(A)   Owner’s and users of sprinkler systems connected to the town’s water system are responsible for the maintenance of the system.  The maintenance shall include but is not limited to:
      (1)   A good workable cut-off valve where the sprinkler main enters the property of the user.
      (2)   A good workable cut-off valve on the blow-off test and drain line of the system.
      (3)   Prompt repair of water leaks within the users system.
   (B)   The town reserves the right to perform periodic inspections of all sprinkler systems.
   (C)   In case of leaks within the system, it is the user’s responsibility to close down the system.  If the town’s maintenance crew is required to close and open valves for the maintenance of the system, the town will be reimbursed for the time spent at the town’s cost to do so.  The town also reserves the right to discontinue service to a system where leaks are observed or the customers control valves are not properly working.
   (D)   It is the owner’s responsibility for any damage caused by a malfunction of any sprinkler system.
   (E)   Each owner of a sprinkler system is encouraged to familiarize his or her employees with location and operation of control valves. 
(Ord. passed 2-2-81)