The following conditions shall apply to the compliance schedule required by § 51.050(B)(7) of this chapter:
   (A)   The schedule shall contain progress increments in the form of dates for the commencement and completion of major events leading to the construction and operation of additional pretreatment required for the user to meet the applicable pretreatment standards (such events include, but are not limited to, hiring an engineer, completing preliminary and final plans, executing contracts for major components, commencing and completing construction, and beginning and conducting routine operation);
   (B)   No increment referred to above shall exceed nine months;
   (C)   The user shall submit a progress report to the POTW Director no later than 14 days following each date in the schedule and the final date of compliance including, as a minimum, whether or not it complied with the increment of progress, the reason for any delay, and, if appropriate, the steps being taken by the user to return to the established schedule; and
   (D)   In no event shall more than nine months elapse between such progress reports to the POTW Director.
(Ord. passed 12-4-06; Am. Ord. passed 5-4-09; Am. Ord. passed 2-4-13)