The following procedures shall be implemented upon adoption of this section:
   (A)   The city will allow two customer requested re-reads per calendar year, without cost to the customer. For purposes of this section, “re-read” shall mean that the city meter reader shall be required to go to the customer’s address and obtain a supplementary meter reading in addition to the original reading used to calculate the customer’s monthly utility bill.
   (B)   If a customer requests that city personnel obtain a third re-read (per calendar year), the customer will be required to pay a fee of $35 for the third and each additional re-read, and the customer will be eligible to participate in the data logging program, if applicable. The data logging program is a tool to detect leaks based on consumption patterns. Data extracted from the meter reading software will be provided to the customer that will reflect historical consumption patterns over a period of several days and/or weeks.
   (C)   If, at any point throughout this process, it is determined that an issue does exist with the customer’s city service lines or water meter, or if a meter is tested and fails, the $35 fee will be waived and/or refunded.
   (D)   If repairs or meter replacements are necessary, the customers participating in the data logging program can request a second data log at no additional cost. This data will be provided subsequent to completion of any repairs or meter replacements or at the conclusion of the leak investigation in order to assure the city and the customer that any service issues have been resolved.
   (E)   Regardless of any of the foregoing, any customer may request to participate in the data logging program for the fee of $35 at any time. Upon request and the payment of the fee, the customer shall be entitled to receive said customer’s usage and consumption patterns from the meter reading software system.
(Ord. 2016-006, passed 6-27-2016)