(A)   Any person desiring his or her property to be connected to the system shall make application for service in person at the municipal center, and shall tender the required security deposit.
   (B)   At the time of application, if the property sought to be served by the city’s water and/or sewer system is outside the corporate limits of the city, the property owner shall be required to execute a consent to annexation, and to provide a copy of the deed to the property to be served.
   (C)   The rates and charges aforesaid shall be billed to the owners of the premises, except that upon application by the tenant of any premises, who is not the owner thereof, filed with the Board or body of said city in charge of the control and operation of said system, accompanied by the required security deposit a cash deposit or other appropriate security or indemnity in an amount or a kind approved by such Board or body, such bills may be rendered to such tenant.
   (D)   No free water service shall be granted or permitted to any water user, including the city itself, except that in accordance with long standing policy, custom and practice the city shall not be required to pay hydrant rentals for fire protection purposes, and also may use water to flush hydrants and mains according to standard engineering practices.
(Ord. 610.7-2-96, passed 2-26-1996; Ord. 610.6A-6-99, passed 6-28-1999; Ord. 2017-011, passed 7-24-2017)