(a)   Standards. All activity regulated by this chapter shall be evaluated by the Building Official, the Planning Commission, if applicable, Village Council, the Village Engineer, or a Village consultant, as the case may be, according to any and all of the following guidelines:
      (1)   Whether the use has been permitted by an order or rule of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality;
      (2)   Whether a valid permit has been issued for the stated use by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality;
      (3)   Whether all other applicable Village ordinances have been complied with in the application;
      (4)   The private or community need for the proposed facility or use;
      (5)   The relative importance of the proposed location;
      (6)   Alternative locations not subject to flooding;
      (7)   Compatibility with existing and/or proposed flood plain development and use;
      (8)   Environmental compatibility;
      (9)   Danger to life and property due to increased flood heights or velocities caused by encroachments or materials or debris swept downstream;
      (10)   Susceptibility of the proposed facility and contents to flood damage; and
      (11)   Such other factors as may be relevant to the proposed use as requested.
   (b)   Form of Decisions. Any and all decisions made relative to the applications must be in writing and addressed to the applicant. The decisions must, at all levels, state the reasons(s) for the rendered decision.
(Ord. 131.  Passed 3-19-79; Ord. 2014-02.  Passed 3-10-14.)