(a)   All swimming pools shall be completely enclosed by a wall or fence of not less than four  feet in height.  Such fence, with gates, must be in place prior to the filling of any pool with water, except that a temporary fence may be erected in a manner satisfactory to and for a duration prescribed by the Building Official, at his or her option, during the period of construction.
   (b)   Walls shall be of wood, brick or masonry, and fences shall be of the wrought-iron type or equivalent, except that chain link fencing may be used if the same is approved by the Board of Zoning Appeals pursuant to Section 1268.28(a)(2)C. of the Planning and Zoning Code.  All openings shall be equipped with gates which can be securely locked.  Personnel gates shall further be equipped with a self-closing and self-latching device.
   (c)   Overhead wiring installations shall be placed no closer than ten feet, measured horizontally from the edge of the pool.
   (d)   Lights used for outdoor illumination shall be shielded to reflect away from adjacent premises.
   (e)   All pumps and mechanical equipment shall be enclosed or baffled to suitably suppress noise. 
(Ord. 160.  Passed 6-13-88; Ord. 95-284.  Passed 12-11-95.)