1474.16   MEASUREMENT.
   (a)   Sign Area. Sign area shall be computed as follows:
      (1)   General Requirements. Where a sign consists of a generally flat surface or sign face on which lettering and other information is affixed, the sign area shall be computed by measuring the entire face of the sign.
      (2)   Individual Letters. Where a sign consists of individual letters and logo affixed directly to a building, the area of the sign shall be computed by measuring the area of the envelope required to enclose the lettering and logo.
      (3)   Ground Sign. The area of a ground sign shall be computed by measuring the entire vertical surface of the face upon which the letters and logo are attached. In the case of a double-faced ground sign, each side shall be measured separately and the sum total of both sides of the sign, shall be the total surface area of the sign. Sign height shall be measured as the distance from the average level of the ground or pavement directly below the sign (sign grade) to the highest point of the sign structure, including any supportive or decorative appendages, without including any berm, landscaping, grading, or artificially or unnaturally constructed raised portion of land at the point of measurement.
   (b)   Setback and Distance Measurements. The distance between a sign and the property line shall be measured along a straight horizontal line that represents the shortest distance between the sign and the property line.
(Ord. 2008-06.  Passed 7-14-08; Ord. 2012-08.  Passed 12-10-12; Ord. 2019-01.  Passed 1-14-19.)