(a)   General Requirements. All signs shall be designed and constructed in a safe and stable manner in accordance with the Village's adopted building and electrical codes. All electrical wiring associated with a ground sign shall be installed underground.
   (b)   Building Code. All signs shall be designed to comply with the minimum requirements set forth in the adopted building code.
   (c)   Framework. All signs shall be designed so that the supporting framework is contained within or behind the face of the sign or within the building to which it is attached so as to be totally screened from view.
   (d)   Freestanding Sign Configurations. The following types of freestanding signs shall be permitted: cantilevered sign, two-post style, vertical ground mounted style, and horizontal ground mounted style.
   (e)   Materials. Signs shall be constructed of wood, glass, masonry, or cast metal or high density urethane which must be painted and is intended to mimic wood. Prohibited materials include sheet plastic, plastic substrates, interior grade woods, unlaced plywood, sheet metal, neon and LED.
      (1)   Sandwich board frame structures shall be constructed exclusively of dark colored wood or similar synthetic material, with chalkboard or other hard surfaced material for the face areas of the sign.
   (f)   Color. One color shall be used for the background field on a multi-tenant sign. Fluorescent and day-glo colors are prohibited.
   (g)   Design. Signs and supports shall be designed so that they are compatible with the architecture and color of the building, and where applicable, with the Historic District. Refer to "Signage Guidelines" prepared by the Village of Franklin for design recommendations in the Historic District.
      (Ord. 2008-06.  Passed 7-14-08; Ord. 2012-08.  Passed 12-10-12; Ord. 2019-01.  Passed 1-14-19.)