(a)   All light sources utilized to illuminate any property outside of the structure erected thereon shall be constructed, aimed, shielded or otherwise designed to minimize intrusive glare or brightness to adjoining properties.  The following standards shall govern all outside lighting within the Village of Franklin:
      (1)   Any light source, other than incandescent or natural gas lights, shall be protected by a shroud, shield or louver device(s) so that the light emitted therefrom is directed into a cone or other pattern which does not cross the property line.  No part of the source shall be visible from any adjoining property, nor shall any shadows be cast upon adjoining properties.  Shrouding, shielding or louvering shall mean an opaque cover over the light source.
      (2)   All light sources utilized to illuminate any building or yard area shall be of constant intensity and color, and no such illumination shall be of the flashing, moving or intermittent type.
      (3)   No light source or illumination shall be located on, nor be of a type to cause, obstruct or confuse, any traffic signal or directional sign, nor create any obstruction, diversion, confusion or hazard to vehicular traffic.
      (4)   Illumination of signs shall be governed by this section as well as Chapter 1474.  In the event of a conflict, the more restrictive ordinance provision shall govern.
   (b)   Except as otherwise provided in paragraph (a)(3) hereof, this section shall not apply to traffic control devices.
   (c)   This section shall not apply to temporary or emergency lighting so long as such emergency or temporary lighting shall not remain on the property in excess of forty-eight hours during any ninety-day period.
(Ord. 173.  Passed 1-14-91.)