1464.12   APPEALS.
   (a)   Right of Appeal. Applicants may appeal an administrative action of the Building Official, made under this chapter, to the Village Council.
   (b)   Form of Appeal. All appeals must be in writing, stating the nature of the complaint and the extent of the variance required.
   (c)   Hearing Fee. The person taking the appeal shall pay a fee as determined by Council resolution.
   (d)   Interim Actions. The Building Official shall have the right to order the immediate abatement and correction of any condition eminently dangerous to life and/or property within the scope of this chapter and in all instances.
   (e)   Notice of Meeting. The Village Council shall meet upon notice of the Village Clerk within 30 days of the filing of the appeal.
   (f)   Action of the Village Council. The Village Council may affirm, modify or reverse the decision of the Building Official.
(Ord. 131.  Passed 3-19-79; Ord. 2014-02.  Passed 3-10-14.)