(a)   No development in the flood plain shall be undertaken except as authorized by a flood plain use permit. Each parcel shall be required to have a separate flood plain use permit.
   (b)   The permit will be issued by the Building Official to each applicant for every parcel only after adoption of a resolution of approval by the Village Council and upon proof that such regulated activity shall have been permitted by an order or rule of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, and, further, upon proof that the applicant has complied with all other applicable Village ordinances.
   (c)   The Village Council shall, prior to adopting a resolution as set forth in subsection (b) hereof, request written recommendations from the Village Engineer, the Planning Commission for new structures above the flood plain and paving in the flood plain, and, if so desired, from other consultants.
   (d)   Applicants shall submit their applications, together with such topographical data, engineering studies and other information as may be required. This information shall be furnished completely at the applicant’s expense. In addition, the engineering data shall be required to be prepared or certified by a registered civil engineer.
(Ord. 131.  Passed 3-19-79; Ord. 2014-02.  Passed 3-10-14.)