There shall be no development permitted within a flood plain unless all of the following provisions are satisfied:
   (a)   Necessity of Permit; Application for Flood Plain Use Permit. Application for any proposed development shall be submitted to the Village Council for review and consideration as to whether or not a resolution of approval should be adopted. Construction or development shall not take place within a flood plain unless prior approval is obtained from the Village Council. Each application shall be filed with the Village Clerk’s office and contain the following information as a condition precedent to consideration of such request:
      (1)   Names and addresses of parties of interest in the premises setting forth their legal interest in said premises.
      (2)   Full legal description of the premises wherein development is proposed.
      (3)   A site plan sealed by a registered professional engineer or registered land surveyor, showing all existing structures, topographic features, utilities and all proposed changes. The site plan shall include existing and proposed elevation contours, one foot intervals. The flood elevation contour shall be clearly delineated on the site plan.
      (4)   The elevation in relation to mean sea level of. each floor, including basement, for all existing structures.
      (5)   Pursuant to criteria established in this chapter for protection of the flood plain, any proposed development necessitates certification by a registered professional engineer that no cumulative impact on the base flood elevation will result. In compliance with Part 31 of Public Act 451 of 1994, a “cumulative impact” is herein defined as an increase in elevation exceeding one foot.
      (6)   A description of the extent to which any watercourse will be altered or relocated as a result of the proposed development. Specifically, the impact on the flow velocities and other flood carrying characteristics of the regulatory floodway should be addressed.
      (7)   Proof of development permission from appropriate local, State and Federal agencies, including a flood plain use permit from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.
      (8)   Such other additional information that the Village Council deems necessary to assure compliance with the provisions of this chapter.
(Ord. 2014-02.  Passed 3-10-14.)