The following uses are prohibited for reasons expressed in Section 1464.01:
   (a)   New buildings constructed within the designated flood plain;
   (b)   Direct drainage tiles from septic tanks or waste treatment plants;
   (c)   Paved surfaces constructed within the flood plain, except by special permit as set forth in Section 1464.08;
   (d)   Construction of any conduit pipe or culvert or open or closed drainage facility erected for the purpose of carrying storm water run-off from any site of two or more single-family residences, commercial sites, parking areas, paved or unpaved private or public roads, or any other land use permitting discharge of silt, sediment, organic or inorganic materials, chemicals, fertilizer, flammable liquids or any substance producing turbidity, except through an interceptor retention or settling basin, filter or treatment facility designed to control or eliminate the pollutant before discharge into the floodway.
   (e)   In the area below the upper limit of the flood plain, dumping or backfilling with any material in any manner is prohibited.
(Ord. 131.  Passed 3-19-79; Ord. 2014-02.  Passed 3-10-14.)