When the use proposed herein is allowed in a zoning district, only the following uses and types of activities are permitted in the designated flood plain and do not require a flood plain use permit:
   (a)   Gardening, horticulture and agriculture uses, not including related buildings or structures;
   (b)   Private recreational uses, not including related buildings or structures;
   (c)   Residential supportive uses consisting of lawns, gardens, play areas and parking areas, but not including supportive buildings or structures;
   (d)   Wildlife sanctuaries and horticulture nurseries, provided the same do not require or cause a material change in the natural grades of the terrain; and
   (e)   Any filling or mediation on banks adjacent to flood plain boundaries shall have approved erosion control by the Oakland County Water Resource Commissioner to prevent soil being washed into the floodplain.
(Ord. 131.  Passed 3-19-79; Ord. 2014-02.  Passed 3-10-14.)