(a)   The existence within the limits of the Village of Franklin of any unprotected, unbarricaded, open or dangerous excavations, holes or pits, which constitute or are reasonably likely to constitute a danger or menace to the public health, safety and preservation of natural resources, are hereby prohibited and declared to be a public nuisance, provided, however, that this chapter shall not prevent the construction of excavations under a permit issued by the Village of Franklin where such excavations are protected properly with warning signs and lights located in such manner as may be approved by the Village and provided, further, that this section shall not apply to drains created or existing by authority of the State of Michigan, the County of Oakland, the Village of Franklin, or other governmental agency.
   (b)   Where the Village determines that a nuisance exists, it shall notify the owner, as shown on the latest tax rolls, in writing, of such finding and require the owner to abate such nuisance within a reasonable time, but not more than 30 days.
   (c)   In the event that no appeal is made within ten days, the Village may abate or cause to be abated such nuisance, and the cost or reasonable value of such work shall be placed as an assessment against the property on the next assessment roll.
(Ord. 104. Passed 11-29-69; Ord. 2014-01.  Passed 2-10-14.)