Any person to whom any permit is issued for soil stripping operations shall comply with the following:
   (a)   No soil or other material shall be removed below a point six inches above the mean elevation of the centerline of the nearest existing proposed street or road established or provided by the Village, County or State, except as required for the installation of utilities and pavements.
   (b)   No soil or other material shall be removed in such a manner as to cause water to collect to create danger or a menace to the public health. The premises shall at all times be graded so that surface water drainage is not interfered with.
   (c)   Sufficient topsoil shall be stockpiled on the site so that the entire site, when stripping operations are completed, may be re-covered with a minimum of four inches of topsoil, and the replacement of such topsoil shall be made immediately following the termination of the stripping operations. In the event, however, that such stripping operations continue over a period of time greater than 30 days, the permittee shall replace the stored topsoil over the stripped areas as he or she progresses.
   (d)   The Village shall require such other and further requirements as are deemed necessary in the interest of the public health, safety, preservation of natural resources and general welfare of the citizens of the Village of Franklin.
(Ord. 104. Passed 11-29-69; Ord. 2014-01.  Passed 2-10-14.)