(a)   At the scheduled meeting, the Village Council shall consider the application for a demolition or removal permit, together with such written reports as shall have been submitted by the Village Building Official and the Historic District Commission.  The Village Council shall approve such application only if it determines, in its discretion, that the following criteria have been met:
      (1)   All public utilities have been notified and there is no reasonable objection to the application by any public utility;
      (2)   The proposed plan for such demolition or removal is consistent with applicable ordinances and statutes and does not present any unreasonable risk of harm to persons or property; and
      (3)   Such proposed demolition or removal will not be injurious to public health, safety or welfare or lead to deterioration of the area in which the structure is located.
   (b)   The Village Council may condition approval of a permit for demolition or removal upon such requirements as shall, in the discretion of Council, reasonably insure that the criteria set forth in paragraphs (a)(1) to (3) hereof will be met and that the condition of the premises, after demolition or removal, shall meet all applicable requirements of these Codified Ordinances. 
(Ord. 2000-79.  Passed 7-10-00.)