No person, firm or corporation, public or private, shall demolish or remove any structure within the Village without having first obtained a permit from the Village for such demolition or removal.  For purposes of this section, demolition or removal shall mean the reduction or elimination, during any continuous 36-month period, of fifty percent or more of the useable floor area (as defined in Section 1240.08(b)(30) of these Codified Ordinances) of any structure.  Application shall be made on a form provided by the Village Clerk and shall include, at a minimum, the following information:
   (a)   The name of the applicant;
   (b)   A copy of a current title insurance policy or commitment showing all parties in interest in the subject parcel;
   (c)   The signatures of all parties in interest, including mortgage(s), indicating approval of the proposed demolition or removal;
   (d)   An exact description, including drawings, where necessary, of the proposed demolition or removal;
   (e)   Photographs showing front, rear and side views of all existing structures (as defined in Section 1240.08(b)(71) of these Codified Ordinances) located on the premises to be affected by such application; and
   (f)   A description of the work to be performed, including:
      (1)   A map depicting any historical or natural resources which may be disturbed, including the location of all trees having a trunk diameter of six inches or greater;
      (2)   The dates and times of the proposed work;
      (3)   The names and addresses of all contractors;
      (4)   The type or style of vehicles or other equipment to be utilized; and
      (5)   Traffic routes for vehicular equipment.
(Ord. 2000-79.  Passed 7-10-00.)