Electrical Examining and Licensing
   EDITOR'S NOTE:  Former Chapter 1446, Administration of Electrical Standards, was repealed by implication on August 13, 2001, when Council approved a motion to relinquish local electrical examining and licensing to the State of Michigan Electrical Board, in accordance with Public Act 217.
   Electrical Code in home rule cities - see M.C.L.A. 117.3
   Electricians and electrical contractors generally - see M.C.L.A. 338.881 et seq.
   Negligence of electricians and electrical contractors; accrual of claims; limitation of actions - see M.C.L.A. 600.2912, 600.5805, 600.5838
   Electricity - see S.U. & P.S. Ch. 1044
   Michigan Electrical Code - see B. & H. Ch. 1428