1440.03   DEPOSITS.
   (a)   A cash deposit in the amount indicated herein shall be made with each application for a permit for the type of construction specified.
      Nonresidential buildings                     $ 2,000
      Residential buildings                        1,500
      Accessory buildings and alterations                  200
      Other accessory structures (including swimming pools)         200
      Demolitions                           Amount set by Village Council pursuant to Chapter 1460
   (b)   The cash deposit shall be non-interest bearing and will be maintained as a performance guarantee after issuance of the permit applied for to ensure compliance.
   (c)   Failure to secure the required inspection, failure to complete work to the satisfaction of the Building Department within a specified time after notification to do so, concealment of work requiring inspection, damage to public property, including deposit of excessive foreign materials on roadways, damage to drainage courses and damage to public rights of way, easements, walks, curbs, gutters or culverts, shall be sufficient cause to forfeit the cash deposit.
   (d)   If any portion of the deposit is retained by the Village for the purpose of abating situations hereinbefore described, a stop work order may be issued and maintained until such time as the full amount of the cash deposit has been restored.
   (e)   Forfeiture of the cash deposit for illegally concealing work not inspected as required is not a substitute for inspection, and in the event of such forfeiture the entire amount must again be deposited before work can proceed.
   (f)   All work covered by building and trade permits is to be completed within one year of the date of issuance thereof.
   (g)   The Village’s return of a cash bond shall be payable without interest.
   (h)   Upon the satisfactory completion of the work covered the building or trade permit, the Village shall release the cash deposit to the party who posted the deposit via U.S. Mail. It shall be the responsibility of the party posting the cash deposit to notify the Village of any change in address or contact information.
   (i)   If a released cash deposit is returned undeliverable and left unclaimed for more than one year after becoming releasable, the cash deposit shall be presumed abandoned and shall be forfeited to the Village under the following procedure:
      (1)   Village shall send written notice of intent to forfeit by certified mail to:
         A.   The party who posted the cash deposit at the address provided at the time of deposit or as updated, and
         B.   The property address covered by the deposit in care of the party who posted the cash deposit.
      (2)    If no claim is made within 35 days of the date the notices in division (i)(1) above, are mailed or the forfeiture notice(s) is returned unclaimed, the Village shall publish in a newspaper of general circulation in the Village notice of the Village’s intent to forfeit the deposit, if unclaimed. Pursuant to this division (i) the Village, at is option, may cause a single notice to be published once a year providing forfeit notice for all cash deposits considered abandoned to date. The published notice shall contain the following information:
         A.   The property address and parcel identification number of the property the deposit was posted for.
         B.   The name of the party who posted the cash deposit.
         C.   The Village’s telephone number and address to contact the Village to make a claim on the cash deposit.
         D.   A statement informing how to file a claim with the Village.
      (3)   If no claim is made within 35 days of the date the notice in division (i)(2) above is published, the cash deposit be forfeited and transferred to the Village general fund.
(Ord. 2003-07.  Passed 11-10-03; Ord. 2008-04.  Passed 5-12-08.)