Section 1.  The Village of Franklin shall have a corporate seal, may sue and be sued, may contract and be contracted with, may acquire and hold real and personal property, and shall have, exercise and enjoy such powers as are conferred by the Constitution and laws of the State of Michigan and by this Charter and also such powers as are necessarily or fairly implied in or incidental to those expressly granted or are essential to the declared objects and purposes of the Village. The enumeration of specific powers in this Charter shall not be construed as a limitation upon the general powers granted by State law and by this Charter.
(Amended 3-13-95)
   Section 2.  The Village shall have the power:
   (1)   To acquire by gift without limitation as to value, or to acquire by purchase or lease, personal property of a value not to exceed fifty thousand dollars ($50,000), for any public use or purpose within the scope of its powers, and to hold, manage, control, sell or otherwise dispose of the same without approval of the electorate;
(Amended 3-11-02)
   (2)   To acquire by purchase or lease any individual item of personal property valued at more than fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) for any public use or purpose within the scope of its powers and to hold, manage, control, sell or otherwise dispose of the same provided the acquisition, sale or disposal shall first have been approved by majority vote of the electorate;
(Amended 3-11-02)
   (3)   To provide by ordinance for Village planning and zoning as provided for by the statutes of the State of Michigan;
   (4)   To enact a building and housing code; to regulate the erection and repair of buildings and to require building permits therefor; to prevent the erection of unsafe buildings; to provide for the removal of unsafe buildings and to regulate the maintenance and occupancy of buildings insofar as the same affects health and safety;
   (5)    To establish and maintain definite fire limits and to prohibit within such limits the construction of buildings and other structures of wood and other materials easily inflammable; to enact ordinances in relation to the prevention and suppression of fires; and to provide for the inspection of private property for the purpose of determining whether a fire hazard exists;
   (6)    To regulate the location, construction, size and height of billboards and the maintenance thereof;
   (7)   To prohibit hunting within the Village limits;
   (8)   To regulate and license trades, occupations and public places of amusement, not inconsistent with State and Federal laws, whether the same be specifically mentioned herein or not;   
   (9)   To prescribe the terms and conditions upon which licenses shall be granted and to require the payment of such license fees and the furnishing of such bonds as the Council shall deem reasonable and proper. Licenses shall be subject to revocation by the Council as provided in each particular ordinance.
   (10)   To regulate the speed of motor vehicles and to prohibit the reckless driving thereof upon the streets, highways and alleys of the Village and also upon any private road dedicated as such upon any recorded plat;
   (11)   To regulate traffic and parking of automobiles and other vehicles; to prohibit such parking on designated highways, streets and alleys or parts thereof; to provide for the impounding of vehicles parked in violation of such regulations or prohibitions and of vehicles abandoned and left on the streets, highways and alleys of the Village; and to provide for the sale of any impounded vehicle which shall not be claimed and the impounding and other charges paid within sixty (60) days after being impounded. The word "highways," as used in this paragraph, shall include any private road dedicated as such upon any recorded plat.
   (12)   To prohibit by ordinance the pollution of any stream or watercourse within the Village limits;
   (13)   To make contracts or arrangements with Franklin Volunteer Fire Department, Inc., and/or any municipality, individual or corporation, for fire protection and for the services of its fire department.
(Amended 3-9-64; 3-12-79; 3-11-85; 3-13-95)
   Section 3.  The Village shall not have the power to acquire by purchase, or by lease, if the annual rental exceeds ten thousand dollars ($10,000), any real property unless the same shall have first been approved by a majority of the electors voting thereon at any general or special election.
(Amended 3-12-73; 3-11-02)