As used in this chapter:
   (a)   "Authorized enforcement officer" means the Village Police Department and all Village officials and personnel designated by Council or authorized by Village ordinance to issue Municipal civil infraction citations or Municipal civil infraction notices.
   (b)   "Municipal civil infraction" means a violation of any Village ordinance for which the remedy and/or sanction is prescribed to be a civil fine or sanction other than a criminal penalty.  A Municipal civil infraction is not a lesser included offense of a criminal offense or of an ordinance violation that is not a civil infraction.
   (c)   "Municipal civil infraction determination" means a determination that a defendant is responsible for a Municipal civil infraction based on one of the following:
      (1)   An admission of responsibility for the Municipal civil infraction;
      (2)   An admission of responsibility for the Municipal civil infraction, "with explanation";
      (3)   A preponderance of the evidence at an informal hearing or formal hearing; or
      (4)   A default judgment for failing to appear at a scheduled appearance.
   (d)   "Municipal civil infraction violation notice" means a written notice prepared by an authorized enforcement officer directing a person to appear at the Ordinance Violations Bureau established under this chapter for the purpose of paying a civil fine and/or costs for a violation which is prescribed to be a Municipal civil infraction.
   (e)   "Violation" means any act or offense which is prohibited or declared to be unlawful under any Village ordinance and any omission or failure to act where such act is required by ordinance.  (Ord. 2000-1.  Passed 2-7-00.)