The Board of Zoning Appeals, consisting of seven members, is hereby created to replace the Board heretofore created by the Village of Franklin in Ordinance No. 21, effective August 18, 1964.  When the term of an individual member of the Board expires, the Village Council shall appoint a successor for a three-year term from the date of expiration of said original member's term, except for the seventh member added by this section to the earlier six-man Board, which member shall be appointed for a three-year term at the time the next reappointment or appointment is made to the Board.  All members shall be citizens of the United States and residents of the Village of Franklin and shall not be employees of the Village. One member of the Board shall be a member of the Village Planning Commission. One member of the Board may be a member of the Village Council, but shall not serve as chairperson of the Board. Members may be removed by the Village Council for misfeasance, malfeasance, or nonfeasance in office only after consideration of written charges and a public hearing. A member shall disqualify himself or herself from a vote in which the member has a conflict of interest; failure to do so constitutes malfeasance in office. Any vacancy in the Board shall be filled by the Village Council for the remainder of the expired term.
   Appointments to the Board shall be made annually on July 15.  Vacancies of specific unexpired terms may be filled throughout the year.  Each term shall begin on July 15 and end on July 14.
   The Village Council may appoint not more than two alternate members for the same term as regular members to the Board. An alternate member may be called as specified to serve as a member of the Board in the absence of a regular member if the regular member will be unable to attend one or more meetings. An alternate member may also be called to serve as a member for the purpose of reaching a decision on a case in which a regular member has abstained for reasons of conflict of interest. The alternate member appointed shall serve in the case until a  final decision is made. The alternate member has the same voting rights as a regular member of the Board.
(Ord. 101.  Passed 2-20-70; Res. 98-116.  Passed 6-8-98; Res. 98-117.  Passed 6-8-98; Ord. 2006-03. Passed 11-13-06.)