1229.10   EXEMPTIONS.
   (a)   Activities contained entirely within federal, state, or county lands and that do not impact adjacent property within the Village are exempt from the requirements of this chapter.
   (b)   Routine single family landscaping and/or gardening that does not alter the existing storm water management facilities or require a grading plan as determined by the Village.
   (c)   Any person performing construction work in the Village shall maintain compliance with the county and state requirements for soil erosion and sediment control.
   (d)   The prohibition of discharges shall not apply to any discharge regulated under a NPDES point source permit issued and administered by the State, provided that the discharger is in full compliance with all requirements of the permit and other applicable laws or regulations. Compliance with an applicable NPDES permit governing discharges into a stormwater conveyance system shall be considered compliance with this chapter. NPDES permitted storm water discharges are still subject to the County design criteria.
(Ord. 2010-10.  Passed 12-13-10.)