(a)   As part of the site plan submittals, three copies of a stormwater management plan shall be submitted to the Village for every development subject to this chapter. The contents of the stormwater management plan shall include the information requirements as outlined in the Oakland County “Engineering Design Standards for Storm Water Facilities, Procedures for Submittal and Review, Part 1 through 5,” as applicable.
   (b)   The Village Council shall establish certain fees and escrow requirements by resolution. Fees and escrow account payments shall be sufficient to cover administrative and technical review costs anticipated to be incurred by the Village including the costs of on-site inspections.
   (c)   An as-built certification for stormwater management BMPs must be provided to the Village prior to final approval of the development.
   (d)   For sites that store or use chemicals, a spill response plan is required which clearly defines the emergency steps to be taken in the event of an accidental release of harmful substances that may migrate to the storm water system. Plans shall be submitted and approved by the Village.
(Ord. 2010-10.  Passed 12-13-10.)