(a)   Except as grant funds may be available from time to time, all obligations for construction, repairs, modifications, rectifications or other actions necessary to correct or bring such an on-site system or pressure sewer system into compliance shall be the sole responsibility of the owner of property upon which said system or a portion thereof is located, or the owner/operator of said system. The obligations of said homeowner or owner/operator of said system shall include all costs of design as well as repair, modification or replacement of said system. If, upon notification to said property owner, no action is taken, the Village may itself take such action for construction, repair, modification or replacement, but all such actions shall be solely the financial obligation of said property owner or owner/operator of said system.
   (b)   Any costs incurred by the Village for and on behalf of any such property owner or owner/operator of said system shall be billed to said property owner.
   (c)   If such bill is not paid within thirty days of written notification to said homeowner, then such sum as contained therein shall be filed as a lien against the real property upon which said system is located and shall in all respects be treated and collected as a tax lien upon said real property in accordance with the real property tax laws of the State. 
(Ord. 98-44.  Passed 3-16-98.)