1040.06   FINANCING.
   (a)   The Village Waste Water Management District shall have authority to finance its operations and functions in carrying out the purpose of this chapter. Council shall establish such accounts as may be necessary or reasonable in order to identify and segregate funds collected for or used in carrying out its purposes under this chapter. In carrying out the purpose of this chapter, Council, subject to the Village Charter, may exercise the following powers:
      (1)   Apply for, receive, administer, and enter into relationships to obtain, grant funding from the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the State of Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, or other sources as may be deemed appropriate, and receive and administer such grants as may be consistent with the purpose of this chapter;
      (2)   Collect fees from individual property owners within the Village for purposes of inspection, maintenance or identification of sanitary systems which may require modification, inspection, maintenance or repair; and
      (3)   Levy assessments for on-site septic systems or pressure sewer systems which may require repair or modification.
   (b)   In each event, Council shall designate its accounts as may be required by grant agencies or other governmental requirements and, in any event, shall identify and segregate all funds received into such accounts as may be determined by Council from time to time to properly designate, earmark and segregate funds received by and on behalf of said District.
(Ord. 98-44.  Passed 3-16-98.)