1040.04   DEFINITIONS.
   As used in this chapter, the following terms and phrases shall be accorded the meanings and definitions as set forth herein. Words and phrases not herein defined shall be given their usual interpretation in the context of this chapter.
   (a)   "Easement" refers to a right of the Village Sanitarian or other appropriate Village-authorized official or agent to enter upon real property for the purpose of making visual, bacteriological and/or chemical inspection or determination as to whether the on-site septic system located on such property is functioning or malfunctioning, or to make repairs to any portion of the pressure sewer system located on such property. All such rights of access shall be during daylight hours only and of a minimum width and distance as may be necessary to accomplish such purposes of inspection, testing and/or determination.
   (b)   "Homeowner" and "owner/operator" refers to any person who is possessed of title to real property or any vendee, tenant or other person actually utilizing any on-site septic system or any pipes, plumbing or discharge connected to the pressure sewer system. "Homeowner" may be deemed to include, for purposes of this chapter, any land contract vendors, mortgagees or other persons in interest.
   (c)   "Malfunction" and "nonfunction" refer to any on-site sanitary system which failed to meet operational, effluent or discharge guidelines as set forth by the State of Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Oakland County Health Division Services, or the Sanitarian for the Village of Franklin Waste Water Management District, as such standards may be incorporated by rule and regulation from time to time by the Governing Body of said Waste Water Management District.
   (d)   "On-site septic system" refers to any part of any system located on any real property within the Village, the purpose of which is to collect, treat and dispose of sanitary effluent or any discharge that consists, in any part, of sanitary waste or effluent, where such disposal is solely on site.
   (e)   "Person" means any natural person as well as any partnership, firm, corporation, association or singular or plural group of any of the foregoing.
   (f)   "Pressure sewer system" refers to all pipes, connections, chambers, pumps, leads or other portions of, or attachments to, those pipes or vessels designed to carry or transport effluent to any municipal sewer interceptor, lateral or other connector.
   (g)   "Waste Water Management District" refers to the geographic and political boundaries of the Village and shall in each instance refer to the government of the Village as duly constituted, authorized and limited by the Charter of the Village and the laws of the State. 
   (h)   "Mandated area" refers to a geographic area of the Village which Council may, from time to time, determine is a designated pollution area, which shall require the property owner to connect to the pressure sewer system.
(Ord. 98-44.  Passed 3-16-98.)