A permit issued under this chapter shall be subject to the following conditions:
   (a)   Security Personnel. The permittee shall engage sufficient security personnel to secure and protect the production site and to maintain order at and around the production activity. No permit shall be issued unless the Police Chief is satisfied that sufficient security resources will be undertaken for the duration of the production.
   (b)   Notification. Prior to production activities, the permittee shall notify any residents, occupants and businesses who may be affected or inconvenienced by the production about the proposed production activity including information about planned special effects, noise, lights, road and lane closures, “no parking” requests, sidewalk usage and the time that any barricades will be placed on the street and/or sidewalk.
   (c)   Access. Production vehicles may not block parking lot access drives, fire hydrants, or be parked in fire lanes, and must allow a minimum of 20 feet of
clearance between vehicles parked on either side of the road for emergency response vehicles to pass.
   (d)   Base Camps. Base camps may not be located on a public street. Only the necessary production vehicles (i.e., grip and light trucks) may be parked on a public street, if necessary, at the production location. Crew parking, honeywagon, catering, and other non-essential production vehicles shall be at a predetermined location.
   (e)   Insurance. The permittee shall furnish evidence of commercial general liability insurance in an amount to be determined by the Village Administrator not less than one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) to protect the Village against claims for personal injury, wrongful death and property damage and shall indemnify the Village for claims for personal injury and for any damage to Village property arising out of the permittee’s activities. An additional minimum of five million dollars ($5,000,000.00) of commercial general liability insurance coverage shall be required in the event motor vehicles, aircraft, helicopters, explosives or pyrotechnics are used in the production activity. The applicant shall also submit verification that adequate motor vehicle and worker’s compensation insurance coverage is maintained.
   (f)   Bond. Before the issuance of a permit, the permittee shall deposit a cash bond in the amount of five hundred dollars ($500.00) or such higher amount determined necessary by the Village Administrator to serve as a performance guarantee for the permittee’s faithful compliance with all of the terms and conditions of this chapter.
   (g)   Fire Protection. The permittee shall undertake adequate fire prevention and safety measures as determined by the Fire Chief.
   (h)   Hold Harmless Agreement. The permittee shall execute a hold harmless agreement as provided by the Village prior to the issuance of any permit.
   (i)   Other Conditions. The Village Administrator may impose any other conditions reasonably calculated to ensure compliance with the requirements of this chapter and to protect the health, safety, welfare and property of the Village and its residents, including a limitation on the duration of the permit and the location of production film activities.
(Ord. 2010-01.  Passed 1-10-10.)