A permit applicant shall complete an application form and file it with the Village Clerk. The application must be accompanied by all information, fees, deposits, hold harmless agreement and insurance certificates required under this chapter.
   (a)   Content. The permit application shall include the following information:
      (1)   Name, mailing address, phone number and email address of the applicant. Where the applicant is a corporation, partnership, limited liability company or other business entity, organization or association, all directors, officers, partners and members shall be identified;
      (2)   Name and description of the nature, character and type of the production;
      (3)   Address, description and proof of ownership of the location(s) where the production activity will take place. If the applicant does not own the location, the applicant must submit the owner’s written consent to use the site for the proposed production;
      (4)   Dates and times of production activity;
      (5)   Traffic and parking control plan and any anticipated road closures;
      (6)   Layout of production site depicting production set, base camp, vehicles, trailers, equipment, staging, scenery, props, structures, sanitary and waste facilities, and parking;
      (7)   Explanation of security and safety measures to be undertaken to maintain order and preserve and protect persons and property during the production;
      (8)   Estimate of the number of workers, cast, crew and attendees expected at each day of production; and
      (9)   Insurance and bonding arrangements.
   (b)   Fees. A permit applicant shall pay to the Village the following fees:
      (1)   Processing Fee. A non-refundable processing fee in an amount established by resolution of the Village Council to reimburse the Village for the personnel, contractor and consultant time required to evaluate the application and establish conditions of approval;
      (2)   Property Use Fee. A daily property use fee in an amount established by resolution of the Village Council to compensate the Village for the use of public property and its unavailability for ordinary and usual purposes due to the production activity;
      (3)   Monitoring Fee. A monitoring fee to reimburse the Village for personnel, contractor and consultant time required to monitor or otherwise service the production activity, and for costs of other Village services, facilities or equipment approved for use; and
      (4)   Fee Waiver. The Village Council may waive or reduce the processing fee and property use fee for charitable, educational, civic and nonprofit organizations.
(Ord. 2010-01.  Passed 1-10-10.)