(a)   Requirement. No person shall use any public right-of-way, or any public or private property, facility or residence in the Village for the purpose of a motion picture, television, radio or photographic production without first obtaining a permit under this chapter.
   (b)   Exemptions. This chapter shall not apply to:
      (1)   Current news productions, which includes reporters, photographers or camera operators working for a newspaper, news services, broadcasting stations or similar media engaged in the broadcasting or reporting of news events;
      (2)   Productions conducted by students for a school project or course; by public, education and government access organizations; or by or at the direction of the Village;
      (3)   Productions conducted within legally established commercial motion picture/television/radio/photography studios;
      (4)   Video or multimedia broadcast or transmission of a live performance within a live entertainment venue on large-screen monitors; or
      (5)   Private events filmed or photographed for non-commercial purposes, such as private parties or weddings.
(Ord. 2010-01.  Passed 1-10-10.)