Section 1.  The enacting clause of all ordinances shall read "The Village of Franklin ordains," but such caption may be omitted when such ordinances are published in book form by authority of the Council. Each proposed ordinance shall be introduced in written or printed form.
   Section 2.  Except as otherwise provided in this Charter, the Council shall have power by ordinance to amend or repeal any ordinance, in whole or in part. No ordinance shall be amended by reference to its title only, but the section or sections of the ordinance to be amended shall be re-enacted at length. Any ordinance may be repealed by reference only to its number and title.
   Section 3.  All ordinances shall be recorded in an indexed book marked "Ordinance Book" and the record of each ordinance shall be authenticated by signature of the Village President and Village Clerk. Such record and authentication shall be done promptly after the final passage of the ordinance but failure to so record and authenticate any ordinance shall not invalidate it or suspend its operation. Before any ordinance shall become operative a synopsis of such ordinance shall, within fifteen (15) days after passage, be published in a qualified newspaper circulated in the Village, and copies of the ordinance shall, at the same time, be posted in two (2) of the most public places in the Village; the Village Clerk shall, immediately after such publication and posting, and within fifteen (15) days after passage, enter in the record of ordinances, in a blank space to be left for such purpose under the record of ordinance, a certificate under his or her hand, stating the time and places of such publication and posting. Such certificate shall be prima facie evidence of the due publication and posting of the ordinance.
(Amended 3-12-79; 3-13-95)
   Section 4.  Every ordinance shall become effective upon its publication unless a later effective date is provided therein.
   Section 5.  The Village Council shall have authority to provide in any ordinance for the punishment of those who violate the same, by a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars ($500.00) or imprisonment for a period not exceeding ninety (90) days, or both, in the discretion of the court. Such imprisonment may be in the Village prison, if any, in the Oakland County Jail, or in any penal institution in the State authorized by law to receive prisoners from the Village. 
   No ordinance imposing a penalty shall take effect less than twenty (20) days after passage of the same. 
(Amended 3-14-88; 3-11-02)
   Section 6.  Prosecution for any violation of any ordinance of the Village shall be commenced within two (2) years after the commission of the offense, provided that the limitation herein imposed shall not be construed as a limitation on the Village's right to forfeit any franchise, grant or license for violation of the terms and conditions thereof after said two (2) year period.
   Section 7.  In all judicial proceedings, it shall be sufficient to plead any ordinance by title and the number of the applicable section or sections, and it shall not be necessary to set forth the entire ordinance or section in any pleadings.
   Section 8.  Judicial notice shall be taken of the enactment, existence, provisions, and continuing force of all ordinances of the Village.
   Section 9.  Whenever it shall be necessary to prove any ordinance in any judicial proceedings, the same may be proved by a record thereof kept by the Village Clerk, by a copy thereof duly certified as a true copy by the Clerk, under the seal of the Village or from any volume purporting to have been published, printed, and compiled by authority of the Village Council.