(A)   The President shall chair the meeting of the Council and shall promptly call the members to order at 7:00 p.m. (EST).
   (B)   He or she shall preserve strict order and decorum in the Council.
   (C)   He or she shall appoint all committees.
   (D)   He or she shall not vote on any question except in case of a tie vote.
   (E)   He or she shall pronounce the decision of the Council on all subjects, and decide questions of order without debate, subject to an appeal to the Council by any two members.  When so demanded, the President shall put the question of appeal to the Council in the following general form:  "Shall the decision of the chair stand as the decision of the Council?", whereupon the City Clerk-Treasurer shall call the roll of the members for a vote.  If a majority vote "aye", the decision of the chair shall stand; otherwise, the appeal shall be sustained.  Anything herein to the contrary notwithstanding, the President Pro-Tempore shall have the right to vote on all matters, the same as any other member, but the President Pro-Tempore shall not have the right to cast an extra vote in the case of a tie vote.
   (F)   The Mayor (i.e. the President of Council) shall have the right to offer recommendations to the Council, and he or she shall have the right without relinquishing the chair, to speak on any question and to take part in any debate.  While participating in any debate, he or she shall be subject to the rules governing the Council.
(Ord. CO-82-14, passed 8-30-82; Am. Ord. CO-95-1, passed 4-3-95)