It shall be unlawful for any person to erect, repair, alter or relocate within the Village any sign or other advertising structure, as defined in this chapter without first obtaining a sign permit from the Community Development Director and making payment of the fee required by this chapter. All illuminated signs shall, in addition, be subject to the provisions of the Building Code pertaining to electricity. (Ord. 2017-54, 11-28-2017; amd. Ord. 2018-36, 8-14-2018; Ord. 2018-42, 9-11-2018)
   A.   Permit Application Process: Application for a sign permit shall be made upon forms provided by the Community Development Department and shall be signed by the applicant. Applications for permanent signs shall contain the following information; which may also be required for permits for temporary signs as deemed necessary by the Community Development Department:
      1.   Name, address and telephone number of the applicant (and the name of a responsible party in the case of corporate applications).
      2.   Location of building, structure or lot to which or upon which it is to be attached or erected.
      3.   Location of the sign upon the lot and copy of the sign.
      4.   Size of sign and height of top of sign above ground.
      5.   Two (2) sets of plans and specifications showing the method of construction, location, support, attachment to the buildings or grounds, illumination and the lighting intensity. If not included therein, two (2) sketches showing the sign face, exposed surfaces and proposed message, all accurately represented in scale as to size, proportion and color. If the sign is to be attached to a building, a drawing shall be submitted showing the sign on the facade of the building.
      6.   If required by the Community Development Department, a copy of stress sheets and calculations showing that the structure is designed for dead load and wind pressure in any direction, in the amount required by this chapter and all other laws and ordinances of the Village.
      7.   Name of person, firm, corporation or association constructing and erecting the sign.
      8.   Written consent of the owner of the building, structure or land on which the sign is to be erected.
      9.   Any electrical permit required for the sign.
      10.   Such other information that the Community Development Director requires to show full compliance with this chapter and all other ordinances of the Village.
   B.   Issuance Of Permit: It shall be the duty of the Community Development Director or designee to review and make decisions on permits for all signs. Upon the filing of an application for a sign permit or any sign, the Community Development Director may refer the application to the Planning and Zoning Commission within thirty (30) days of said filing, to examine such plans, specifications and other data, and the premises upon which it is proposed to erect the sign or other advertising structure. For all sign permits, if the proposed structure is in compliance with all the requirements of this chapter, and all other applicable provisions of the zoning ordinance, and the appropriate permit fee has been paid, the Community Development Director shall then issue the signed permit.
If the work authorized under a signed permit for a permanent sign has not been completed within six (6) months after date of issuance, said permit shall become null and void unless an extension is requested in writing and approved by the Community Development Director. No extension shall be for longer than ninety (90) days.
   C.   Sign Regulation Objectives: The Planning and Zoning Commission shall, in its determination, consider the following when approving or disapproving sign permit requests:
      1.   Every sign shall have a good scale and proportion in its design and in its visual relationship to buildings and surroundings.
      2.   Every sign shall be designed as an integral architectural element of the building and the site to which it principally relates.
      3.   The colors, materials and lighting of every sign shall be restrained and harmonious with the building and the site to which it principally relates.
      4.   The number of graphic elements on a sign shall be held to a minimum needed to convey the sign's major message, and shall be composed in proportion to the area of the sign face.
   D.   Sign Permit Fees: The following fees shall be charged for the installation of signs:
      1.   See subsection 6-1-4C of this Code for fees for initial installation of signs.
Fees for the initial installation of signs are to be collected at the time when any sign permit for the premises in question is issued.
   E.   Permit To Alter Sign: Whenever a holder of a permit desires to enlarge or alter the display surface of a sign, they shall be required to submit an application for a new permit and pay the full fee. There shall be no refund or credit for fees previously paid, the existing permit will be canceled, and a new permit issued. However, the repairing, changing of parts and preventive maintenance of a sign shall not be deemed to be alterations.
   F.   Revocation Or Termination Of Permit: All permits issued under the provisions of this chapter or any amendment thereto, and all permits issued prior to the effective date hereof, are revocable at any time by the Community Development Director if he finds noncompliance with this chapter or any other provision of the zoning ordinance, which is not corrected within twenty (20) days after written notice by the Community Development Director to the permittee.
Upon termination or revocation of the permit, the permittee shall remove the sign and if the permittee shall fail, neglect or refuse to do so, the Village may remove the same and charge the expenses to the permittee. (Ord. 2017-54, 11-28-2017)