In addition to any other remedies provided in this chapter, an animal control officer or a police officer may seize, impound and humanely confine to an animal shelter or hospital any of the following animals:
   (A)   Any dog without a valid license;
   (B)   Any animal at large;
   (C)   Any animal constituting a public nuisance or considered a danger to the public;
   (D)   Any animal that is in violation of any quarantine or confinement order of the town or County's Chief Health Officer;
   (E)   Any unattended animal that is injured or otherwise in need of care;
   (F)   Any animal that is reasonably believed to have been abused or neglected;
   (G)   Any animal that is reasonably suspected of having rabies;
   (H)   Any animal that is determined to be "potentially dangerous" or "dangerous", in  accordance with the appropriate articles of G.S. Chapter 67;
   (I)   Any animal that a court of competent jurisdiction has ordered impounded or destroyed; and
   (J)   Any animal that is considered unattended or abandoned, as in situations where the owner is deceased, has been arrested or evicted from his or her regular place of residence.
(Ord. passed - -)