§ 110.030  APPLICATION.
   (A)   A person shall apply to the Administrator for each license required by this chapter before commencing a business.  The application, which shall be submitted on forms provided by the Administrator, shall contain:
      (1)   The name of the applicant and whether the applicant is an individual, a partnership, a corporation, or some other entity.
      (2)   The nature of the business.
      (3)   Where the business is conducted.
      (4)   An address where notices and statements may be mailed to as required by this chapter.
      (5)   Whether the business is regulated by the state occupational licensing board subject to G.S. Chapter 93B, and if so, the serial number of the state license the applicant currently holds.
      (6)   Any further information the Administrator determines to be necessary to issue the license.
   (B)   The application shall be accompanied by the payment of a license fee, which is described in § 110.011 below. In compliance with the law, this fee shall not exceed the cost to the town of the administrative process of the production and issuance of the license.
(Ord. passed 3-14-2016)