Golf carts may be operated on streets within the town in accordance with the following rules and regulations:
   (A)   Golf carts, and otherwise defined as low speed vehicles, as defined by G.S. § 20-4.01(27)h, that are currently in compliance with all state laws related to their operation, registration, and insurance requirements, and are operated by licensed drivers will be exempt from this chapter.
   (B)   Other golf carts and low speed vehicles not in compliance with North Carolina General Statutes that operate on a street or public vehicular area within the Town of Four Oaks will be subject to an annual inspection by the Chief of Police, or his or her designee. After successfully completing the inspection process, the operator may receive a Town of Four Oaks golf cart permit/sticker, which must be applied to the golf cart by the Chief of Police, or his or her designee, to ensure that the permit/sticker is applied in the most conspicuous location on the golf cart.
(Ord. passed 6-13-2011)