§ 152.50  UTILITIES.
   (A)   Water and sanitary sewer system.
      (1)   Each lot in all subdivisions within the corporate limits of the town shall be provided, at the subdivider's expense with an extension of the municipal water system and sanitary sewer system.
      (2)   Each subdivision in the extraterritorial area of the town shall be provided with water and sanitary sewer lines and laterals within and along the perimeter of the land being subdivided for each lot, if any of the land being subdivided is within 300 feet of the municipal system. The subdivider may, at his or her expense, extend the aforementioned system(s) to the subdivision if approved by the Council. Water and sanitary sewer lines, connections and equipment shall be in accordance with town standards.
   (B)   Storm water drainage system. The subdivider shall provide a surface water drainage system constructed to the standards of the State Department of Transportation, as reflected in Handbook for the Design of Highway Surface Drainage Structures, 1973, subject to review by the Town Consulting Engineer or Building Inspector.
      (1)   No surface water shall be channeled or directed into a sanitary sewer.
      (2)   Where feasible, the subdivider shall connect to an existing storm drainage system.
      (3)   Where an existing storm drainage system cannot feasibly be extended to the subdivision, a surface drainage system shall be designed to protect the proposed development from water damage.
      (4)   Surface drainage courses shall have side slopes of at least three feet of horizonal distance for each one-foot of vertical distance and courses shall be of sufficient size to accommodate the drainage area without flooding and designed to comply with the standards and specifications of erosion control of the State Sedimentation Pollution Control Act, G.S. § 143-215.61, G.S. Ch. 113A, Art. 4 and the State Administrative Code, Title 15, Ch. 4 and any locally adopted erosion and sedimentation control ordinances.
      (5)   The minimum grade along the bottom of a surface drainage course shall be a vertical fall of at least one-foot in each 200 feet of horizontal distance.
      (6)   Streambanks and channels downstream from any land disturbing activity shall be protected from increased degradation by accelerated erosion caused by increased velocity of runoff from the land disturbing activity in accordance with the State Sedimentation Pollution Control Act, G.S. § 143-34.12, G.S. Ch. 113A, Art. 4 and the State Administrative Code Title 15, Ch. 4.
      (7)   Anyone constructing a dam or impoundment within the subdivision must comply with the G.S. §§ 143-215.23 et seq. and the State Administrative Code Title 15, Subchapter 2K.
      (8)   In all areas of special flood hazards, all subdivision proposals shall have adequate drainage provided to reduce exposure to flood damage.
   (C)   Street lights. All subdivision in which the size of the smallest lot is less than 40,000 square feet shall have street lights installed throughout the subdivision in accordance with the standards of Carolina Power and Light Company.
(1992 Code, § 152.45)  (Ord. passed 5-5-1986; Ord. passed 3-19-2007)  Penalty, see § 152.99