(a)   The establishment, location, and use of a Class A manufactured home as a permanent residence approved individually, by specific materials, or by design, shall be permitted in any district permitting a dwelling unit, subject to the requirements applying to residential uses in the district and provided the dwelling shall meet the exterior appearance standards, as hereinafter set forth in Section 1141.06. A zoning certificate shall be required for all applications for such use.  Approval procedure is set forth in Section 1107.02. Applications for approval shall be submitted to the Zoning Inspector on such forms as he may require to make his determination.
   (b)   The dwelling may not be used as a rental property unless installed by a licensed installer.
   (c)   A copy of the installation permit and the name and license number of the installer (if using) and inspector must be submitted before installation of the dwelling.
(Ord. 2016-19.  Passed 5-17-16.)