Class A manufactured homes shall:
   (a)   Meet all requirements for lot, yard, building, and other requirements for the district in which it is located.
   (b)   A minimum width of 24 (24) feet.
   (c)   A minimum roof pitch of 5:12, which means having a pitch equal to at least five inches of vertical height for every twelve inches of horizontal run.  A minimum roof overhang of 12 inches is required.  All roof surfaces exposed to view shall be covered with asphalt or fiberglass shingles, wood shakes, or shingles, standing seam (non-corrugated tin or steel), clay tiles, slate, or similar materials.
   (d)   Gutters and downspouts must be installed and maintained.
   (e)   Exterior siding consisting of wood, hardboard, vinyl, brick, masonry, stone, or aluminum comparable in composition, appearance, and durability to the exterior siding commonly used in site dwellings.
   (f)   A curtain wall, unpierced except for required ventilation and access, must be installed so that it encloses the area located under the home to the ground level.  Such a wall shall have a minimum thickness of four (4) inches and shall be constructed of masonry or similar material.
   (g)   The dwelling must be placed on a permanent foundation, either slab or pier, which meets the requirement of the Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission.  In addition, the dwelling shall be completely underpinned with masonry, stone, or other similar materials.
   (h)   The dwelling must be anchored in the ground in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.
   (i)   Utility meters must be mounted to the structure rather than on a utility pole, and all axles, tongues, and transporting and towing apparatus must be removed before occupancy.
   (j)   A landing must be installed at each doorway.  The structure must include steps which lead to ground level.
   (k)     The home shall face the public street.
(Ord. 2016-19.  Passed 5-17-16.)