The volunteer firefighter program is hereby authorized by this section. The volunteer program provides for an enhancement of the fire protection and emergency response capabilities of the paid staff. The volunteer program shall consist of hired, noncredentialed individuals to serve in an apprentice type capacity. Volunteers are encouraged to earn firefighter/EMT credentials which are to be done on their own time and at their own expense.
   (A)   Salary: Volunteer firefighters shall not receive compensation and shall not count as staffing for the fire department.
   (B)   Assignments: Volunteer firefighters shall work directly with paid staff members in the fire station and on apparatus assignments. Volunteer firefighters shall receive assignments based on their level of training and certification. A volunteer firefighter may be assigned to respond to emergency calls up to his/her level of certification. Volunteer firefighters shall not be used to provide or achieve minimum staffing levels.
   (C)   Selection Criteria: Applicants for the volunteer firefighter program shall:
      1.   Be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
      2.   Possess a high school diploma or GED certificate.
      3.   Shall be subject to an interview, physical agility testing and background investigation.
   (D)   Conduct And Relationship With Village: It shall be the duty of volunteer firefighters to conduct themselves in a professional and law abiding manner. Each volunteer shall obey the orders and directions of his/her superior. Volunteers can expect good leadership and fair supervision from the village. Volunteering as a firefighter for the village is based on mutual consent. Both the volunteer and the village have the right to terminate that relationship at will, with or without cause. (Ord. 15-02, 4-14-2015)