§ 151.02 FINDINGS.
   (A)   Findings. The City Council finds that uncontrolled land disturbing or development activities at construction sites, areas subject to soil erosion and areas containing restrictive soils adversely affect the public health, safety and general welfare by impacting water quality and contributing to other environmental problems, creating nuisances, impairing other beneficial uses of environmental resources and hindering the ability of the city to provide adequate water, sewage disposal, flood control, and other community services. In addition, extraordinary public expenditures may be required for the protection of persons and property in such areas and in areas which may be affected by unplanned land usage.
   (B)   Purpose. The purpose of this chapter is to promote, preserve and enhance the natural resources within the city and protect them from adverse effects occasioned by poorly sited development or incompatible activities by regulating land disturbing or development activities that would have an adverse and potentially irreversible impact on water quality and unique and fragile environmentally sensitive land; by minimizing conflicts and encouraging compatibility between land disturbing and development activities and water quality and environmentally sensitive land; and by requiring detailed review standards and procedures for land disturbing or development activities proposed for such areas, thereby achieving a balance between urban growth and development and protection of water quality and natural areas. In addition to this chapter, the requirements of the MPCA's Construction Stormwater General Permit (MNR100001) and applicable watershed district standards shall be met.
   (C)   Scope. This chapter sets requirements for storm water conveyance systems and management practices within the city. This chapter also regulates land disturbing or development activities that would have a negative and potentially irreversible impact on water quality.
   (D)   Applicability. The requirements of this chapter apply to all construction activity as defined below.
(Ord. 712, passed 11-14-2022)